Furniture Manufacturing for Hotels & Motels


Fi Project Solutions is your ideal partner to manufacture bespoke hotel furniture.


We work with selected furniture manufacturers with the ability to answer different needs in various scales. Fi Project Solutions provides you a with network of manufacturers and we will get in touch with them on your behalf and we will enquire the different price options and guide you to choosing the most efficient offers.


When all is approved, we control the production process, the quality control and match the supply chain to give you the best service.


We can be flexible in terms of the materials and finishes. We can also fast-track projects to meet tight time scales.


We are committed to use the most durable materials and we will complete the work on time. We won’t always be the cheapest manufacturer, but we will certainly deliver the best value services and products.


Product Range

Hotel Common Area Furnitures

Lobby Sofas, Chairs
Restaurant Tables
Restaurant Chairs

Room Equipments

Beds and Bedstands
Desk and Chairs
Sofa and others

Lighting Systems

Room Lightening
Turnkey Electric
Turnkey Lightening