3D Protection Fabric Mask


With its anti-bacterial and 3-layer protection fabric technology, Fi Protective Masks not only protect you and your loved ones against harmful elements (dust, virus, allergen, etc.) but also turn into an attractive accessory with their stylish designs. You can use our protective masks with our personal designs or as a corporate product for your company and customers.

3-ply Mask


Surgical mask is intended to be worn by medical personnel during surgical or other medical procedures to protect both the patient and the operating personnel from transfer of microorganisms, body fluid and particulate material transfer.

Disposable Coverall and Disposable Gown


Disposable coverall is redefining in every detail. More liquid protection. Tough, robust and abrasion-resistant. Air and water vapor permeable for comfort. Disposable gown is made of hydrophobic SMS material and is designed for lopimal protection during medium-term surgical procedures involving moderate amounts of body fluids and moderate risk of infection.